Project Management

Ensuring a timely and successful launch is a full time job, whether it be for a new brand identity, website, app redesign or all the above. Your project manager is an extension of your team – an ambassador, advocate, representative and liaison between our team and yours, living and breathing your project even when you have no time to yourself.


Guiding you from the Discovery Phase to Launch, your project manager will keep everyone and everything organized, focused and on track.

Our team of web designers, strategists and web developers will be working on your project. Your project manager is the glue between our team and yours, equipping you with the tools and information to make informed decisions while keeping everyone up-to-date throughout the duration of the project.

Communication gets us to the finish line on-time and on-budget. Effective and prompt communication is absolutely critical to a strong working relationship. You’ll have access to your project manager at any time and will speak with him or her regularly and efficiently to discuss project status, milestones and potential risks, making for a smooth path to launch.

Your project manager is responsible for creating, managing and executing a project plan, which is the foundation of a successful product. With our proven process, your project manager knows how to get it done the most efficient and effective way.

Project Orientation
You’ll review your project plan on the initial calls and during our Discovery Phase. We’ll talk about your team, work styles, and how we can best work together, often learning and adapting with you and your colleagues along the way.

Scope of Work
Your project manager is the keeper of your project scope, and there to inform you of situations that may alter the project’s budget or timeline.


It takes a true partnership to craft a successful digital product. Our expertise in branding and digital design coupled with your knowledge of your company, brand, business goals, and target audience is critical. Fostering the relationship and bringing the right team members to the table, our project managers are liaisons between our team and yours, ensuring a successful product launch.

Your project is a huge responsibility for both of our teams — a responsibility we take seriously. We want you to feel 100% comfortable and as confident as we are in your project, that’s where our project managers come into play. Our project managers are well-versed in all aspects of digital design and web development projects, which is evident by our successful track record!


“In over three decades of project management experience, there are very few people I recall as having the capabilities that Olivia demonstrated. Particularly, her ability to listen to our team and faithfully represent what she heard in collaborations with her own team was extraordinary.

Olivia was also available at practically any hour. The website rebuild required an exceptional amount of work from the team in order to stay within a short timeframe, and there were a lot of long weekends and nights as a result. The team was clearly dedicated to doing whatever it took to hit the deadline we agreed upon.

Digital AMMO outproduced relative to anything in my experience of small teams of designers and developers. The team wields an extraordinary set of competencies.”

– Doug Newman, Executive Director – Smart Self Reliance

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