Building Impact

Services Provided:Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Design, Web Development, Print


Building Impact works with forward-thinking philanthropists and change agents to catalyze systemic change around pressing social issues. Combining deep expertise in effective philanthropy, advocacy and political strategy, coaching and convening, Building Impact works with their clients to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to be more effective change agents, leveraging their capacity to transform a pressing social issue – from education to healthcare to housing and beyond.

Scope of Work

For a number of years, Building Impact was called Impact for Education. When they engaged Digital Ammo, they were working on expanding their focus from education to various verticals, and needed a new name and brand identity to reflect that change and help position them for growth. Digital Ammo was hired to create a new logo, brand identity and website to help them do just that.


Building Impact wanted to retain the story and essence of their old logo, but refine it so that was modern and more scalable. So, rather than create a new logo from the ground up, we worked on creating a “refreshed” version of their current logo to make it more modern, scalable to large and small sizes and versatile so it could be identified easily on any medium.

Due to the nature of Building Impact’s client work, they had to be very careful with what to show on their website, so their portfolio of work, images, copy and other media was quite limited. This forced us to get creative and think of ways in which we could accurately portray the right messaging and image of their company at first glance of the website.


We chose a slightly different shade of blue as their main color which was more vibrant and introduced yellow as an accent color. The logo is comprised of all four brand colors, blue, light blue, yellow and grey. Each color and varying sizes on the rays of the logo represent diversity and inclusion, while the logo as a whole, in its circular shape symbolizes partnership, collaboration and connectedness.

Carefully curated stock photography was used for the header images on each page of the website. We worked closely with Building Impact to select photos that represented their brand image: positivity, collaboration, strategy and progress/change.

Aside from a new simplified structure, it was important to update the site to provide a thoughtful, succinct overview of the company and it’s philosophy. Digital Ammo designed a homepage layout that functions as a snapshot of Building Impact – covering information about their services, philosophy and approach as well as recent articles from their blog, “thinking forward” which provides ideas and practical strategies for becoming a more effective philanthropist and change agent.


To ensure a consistent look and feel, Digital Ammo created a brand guidelines document to ensure proper use of the new logo and color palette for their team to use on all future marketing materials. Throughout the process, Digital Ammo served as a consultant in the execution of the new logo and website while also educating the internal team on usage and management of the site’s backend. The result? A modern, beautiful brand identity and highly functional, easy-to-update responsive website that will be an effective marketing tool to help facilitate their growth.

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