Code Platoon

Services Provided:Strategy, Web Design, Web Development


Code Platoon is a nonprofit coding bootcamp in Chicago that trains veterans and military spouses through an immersive, hands-on, educational process to become professional software developers. The organization also assists graduates to  transition into civilian life, and into the workforce through a dedicated community of partners and collaborators who supply job opportunities and paid internship programs.

Scope of Work

Despite a strong logo, unique color palette and ample information and content, the organization’s previous website did not effectively showcase the Code Platoon’s brand, program offerings, depth of expertise and the life-changing impact on its students and graduates.

Digital Ammo was hired to strategize, re-imagine, redesign and develop a professional website from the ground up to better tell their brand story, inform potential students of the programs and scholarships offered, and to celebrate graduate outcomes.Another goal was to increase the amount of student applications which could be submitted through the website.


Before starting on any wireframes or designs, Digital Ammo spends anywhere from 2-4 weeks in what we call our “Discovery Phase”. During this phase we learned about Code Platoon on a deeper level, conducting market and competitive research, and spoke with various key players of the organization such as Rod Levy (Executive Director), Jon Young (Director of Education) and various board members to get a sense of who they are and what goals they are working toward, both with regard to the website and organization as a whole. We also uncovered pain points they were having with the current website to ensure those were addressed. This deep research and discovery phase allows us to make informed decisions about the layout of information, and overall aesthetics for the site and how they would be best received by the target audience.

After enough information was gathered, we then started the planning, site architecture, wireframing and finally the full art direction and design mockups/comps, which used their already existent color palette and logo. We were successful in producing a web design concept that was a home run on the very first try, which transitioned smoothly into building the site on the web.


The final product is a seamless, extensible website that effectively conveys all their brand attributes and showcases the information in a way that’s engaging for the audience. Since website launch, we are proud to report an increase in both website traffic and student sign ups. The easy-to-use CMS (content management system) we built allows our client to manage the site from the backend, including editing text, adding images and even new pre-built sections to pages of the site. This was important for the client to be able to do themselves as they frequently add new pages and sections due to the regularly changing cohorts. We are proud and humbled to have had the opportunity to partner with such a special nonprofit organization.

“We had a great experience with Digital Ammo. Kara was great to work with, their team provided beautiful and well conceived designs, and they were a pleasure to work with. In particular, they did a great job navigating the fine line between listening to our needs and wants, and bringing their own independent creative energy to the project. Would highly recommend working with them.”

Rod Levy
Founder, Executive Director, Code Platoon

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