Futuri Media

Services Provided: Web Design, Web Development


Futuri is a leading provider of cloud-based audience engagement software for the enterprise. Our partnership with them resulted in a newly designed and developed company website with a clean aesthetic and focus on lead generation.

Scope of Work

Digital Ammo was hired to strategize, design and develop the new corporate website for Futuri Media. Post website launch, Futuri hired us to make monthly design and development updates to the site to ensure the site is evolving and improving over time, and optimized for lead generation.


The goal for this project was to create a clean website that was optimal for lead generation and automation of those leads. A successful conversion would be someone filling out the “request a demo form” that would be stored in their CRM software (Hubspot).


Both teams decided to steer away from stock photography and instead emphasize the use of typography and iconography throughout the site. We were able to achieve this seamlessly thanks to the carefully crafted content and crystal clear brand messaging Futuri had already established internally. This allowed us to design the website around content, which allowed us to easily create layouts that would act as a funnel to shepherd users to the “request a demo” contact form.

We created fun, animated line icons to break up the content and further engage the user as they scroll through sections of the pages. We also implemented a legible sans serif Google Font (DM Sans) for the website which Futuri has extended to their branded collateral and marketing materials.

With the knowledge that there would be frequent modifications to the site in the future, we created a modular design system that would be quick and easy to update in our retainer engagement with Futuri post website launch.


The result of this project was a clean, legible website with elegant section animations and zippy line icon animations, with an extremely easy-to-use navigation system allowing for clear communication and an overall improved brand experience.

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