Services Provided: Strategy, Digital Consulting, Mobile UIUX


GlobalLinker is a unique global business networking platform for small businesses and startups. You can sell products online, collaborate with colleagues, access and share content, participate in discussions, get special deals for your business needs and much more.

Scope of Work

Digital Ammo was hired to strategize and design the mobile user interface and experience (UIUX) for the GlobalLinker mobile application. Our goal was to design a clean, user-friendly application to increase sign-ups and user engagement to ultimately attract more corporate partners for the company, which is critical to their growth and success.


Number of Features
A major pain point of the current app design was that users were immediately overwhelmed. With a large variety of unique features, the app could be considered as multiple apps in one. We approached each feature as a small project with its own goals, timeframes, and criteria. We worked together, one step at a time to decide what way a user might easily accomplish each task – with this approach we were able to finish mini tasks efficiently with consistently high quality.

It was also important we constructed a proper onboarding journey to tailor the app experience to their exact needs, while also collecting specific information including their middle names, telephone number and sensitive company information. This required a delicate, well-thought out approach to collect the information in phases and ensure we maintain trust in the application from first glance.

Cobranded Corporate Partners
GlobalLinker offers separate mobile applications for each corporate partner (they have 7 corporate partners total). This meant we had to design the app in a way where the brand colors and logo could be easily switched in and out. Because of this, we made sure to limit the number of colors and used white as the base color.


Discovery Phase
Like any project, we always begin with Discovery. This is where we do our research on our client as well as its competitors. We had weekly touch-point calls with our client which allowed for many opportunities for us to learn more about their business, and uncover challenges/pain points of the current app as well as areas where the application could be improved.

We studied user feedback from various users, which helped us better understand the goals and problems people were facing. We created various user-journeys for each user type which is critical, and the foundation to the strategy of our redesign. After a full 30 days of research and discovery, we presented a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations.

Design Phase

After Discovery, we dove right into design. First, we tackle the production of low-fidelity grayscale wireframes. These are outlines of an interface before we actually create the visual design. Wireframes visualize the interface, its content and illustrate the position of elements relative to one another which helps us plan both as a team and in collaboration with our client. Ultimately, wireframes serve as the basis for production of the final visual designs. After discussing the wireframes with our client, we identified areas that were missing and/or areas that could be eliminated. With the wireframes, we were also able to confirm the user experience and flow of screens and interactions, and agree on a visual design concept which was accepted on the first iteration.


Iterative collaboration between GlobalLinker and Digital Ammo enabled us to design a clean, easy-to-use interface and app experience that was validated and praised during our prototype user-testing sessions. We have plans to move on to redesigning the web app experience to carry the design language through the entire GlobalLinker solution to create a consistent, seamless product experience.

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