Lantern Messaging

Services Provided:Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Design, Web Development, Print


Lantern Messaging is a wholesale distribution company that delivers SMS and mobile messaging packages via a custom developed, proprietary marketplace to major domestic telecommunication operators such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile as well as other global operators such as China Telecom, KDDI and Nippon Telegraph.

Scope of Work

Digital Ammo was first hired to conduct extensive market research and competitive analysis. We were then offered the opportunity to translate the information into a new corporate parent brand, product sub-brands (Lighthouse SMS Exchange, Spark Prepaid Plans and Infinity Global Network Solutions), a flagship multinational website, several micro-sites and a wide array of public marketing collateral as well as proprietary internal assets.


This was a very large project with a great number of moving parts that all needed to work together. The first set of challenges we came across were organizational imperatives – What data sets were relevant to what product? Which deliverables took priority so that we could achieve the CEO’s rollout plan? How do we best coordinate a multi continent rollout? Even establishing an easy to use archive for vast amounts of print layouts translated into 24 languages was an intriguing proposition. At the end of the day all worked out seamlessly and to the credit of Kara and Olivia, Digital Ammo’s Director of Project Management and Senior Project Manager respectively. The organizational principles and tools these two deployed for Lantern Messaging paved the way for Digital Ammo by way of field testing our abilities to handle the largest, most complex projects for companies that have a multinational reach.

The international aspect also required countless hours of strategy and war room style meetings. Fact is, the target audience had vastly different preferences depending on the country of origin. What we found most difficult to account for were cultural and religious nuances native to each region. For example, black borders around someone’s picture means they’re dead and prospective clients native to Dubai are particularly sensitive to what people are wearing in the stock photography used for advertising. Though somewhat stressful, we’re pleased to say that our team wasn’t at the root of any major faux pas and our sensitivity to international preferences are now sharper than ever.


Richard Phillips, The CEO of Lantern Messaging provided clear goals and no-nonsense instructions from day one. Despite his direct involvement and how assertive his team was with feedback, they were exceedingly generous in allowing us the requisite creative freedoms that lead this project to success. The Lantern Messaging team respected our professional opinions, trusted our judgement and heeded our advice. Extending complete, unquestioning trust in all fields we excel was an unexpected luxury given the nature of Lantern Messaging corporate backers and strict goals, however, this dynamic seems to be a staple in achieving massive success with any project we take on.


Throughout the 30 month span of this project we were forced to adopt numerous processes, ways of thinking and technologies for each element to come to seamless fruition. Our team had to be agile and open minded when it came to the adoption of new tools and new mindsets and although challenging, we discovered some superb third party SAAS (Software as a Solution), unbelievably efficient third party contractors and even build a few custom solutions to better facilitate this project and its goals. Exploring the trends and being open to the possibilities is something we learned during this project and is a way of thinking that has already proved itself in the way of future projects on this scale.

“The product Digital Ammo created was efficient, nice to look at, and works perfectly. Compared to our old site, we experienced a 150% increase in incoming leads. There are no delays, no bugs, no snags. It was superb work; just incredible and beyond our wildest expectations. They successfully made our brand approachable and family-friendly. I’ve worked with a number of agencies like this, and I’ve never been this impressed.”

VP of Marketing, Lantern Messaging

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