Zuckerman Investment Group

Services Provided: Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Design, Web Development, Print


Zuckerman Investment Group is a family owned and operated financial advisory group established in 2005 providing end to end financial counsel and asset management solutions to more than 100 families while also managing over $830 million on their behalf.

Scope of Work

Digital Ammo was hired to design, develop and deploy a new corporate brand, flagship website and a wide array of public marketing collateral as well as proprietary client media and presentations.


Creating a new look and feel for a family owned and operated business is always deeply personal and an extremely difficult undertaking. Achieving success is much more complex only because the end result must appeal in equal measure to the owners as well as their customers. Conversely, developing the same products for a fortune 500 company can be a much easier proposition as appealing to their customers (rather than executive leadership) is the only goal.

Being that Digital Ammo is also a family owned and operated business we understand on the most visceral levels that ALL small business owners must be proud of the brand that represents his or her products and company. Without waking up daily to this sense of pride one’s sense of purpose, enthusiasm and even success will inevitably fade.


From project inception through to final delivery our two teams worked together with incredible synergy. Leadership on both sides regularly interacted which allowed for the easy exchange of ideas and feedback – a dynamic that was instrumental in achieving an effective and efficient outcome.

The underlying goal was to establish a modern, professional and distinctly premium brand language that highlighted a portfolio of services on par with firms many times their size. When comparing the Zuckerman Investment Group brand/website/collateral to global firms such as Charles Schwab, Northern Trust and UBS you’ll quickly notice the fit, finish, information outlay and overall usability to be on the same level if not superior in almost every sense.


In conclusion, both our companies are proud of what was produced out of this union but we must give credit to the Zuckerman Investment Group team for their open door communication policy, high degree of ownership involvement and respect for our time tested development processes. This union is a prime example of how two family run businesses were able to come together and produce results on the same level or even superior to that of even Fortune 500 level companies.

“The entire Digital Ammo team was same day responsive, highly organized and shockingly intuitive. They listened intently and took into account every bit of feedback we provided, no matter how small or how seemingly irrelevant. I am truly impressed with what was accomplished here and will be turning to Digital Ammo for all of our future digital needs.”

Daniel Zuckerman

President & CEO, Zuckerman Investment Group

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